Our Wash

At Classic Auto Wash, providing you with a world-class car wash is only the beginning. As part of our total commitment to caring for our customers’ cars, we offer a complete array of services to get your vehicle as clean on the inside as it is on the outside, protect it from damage, and give it that like-new “showroom” shine. We also know what cleans your vehicle is just as important as how it is cleaned. We only use foam in our car wash tunnel and that the foam is changed out every year. 

Here are some of the services that make Classic Auto Wash not just a good, but a GREAT, place to bring your car for cleaning.

Dryer – We have developed our own patented drying system, the Classic Auto Wash Hot Air Drying System, which turns cars out of our tunnel bone dry, eliminating the need for towel drying as well as unsightly water marks.

Tire Shine – Your tires should be as noticeably cleaner and as shiny as the rest of your car.

Vacuums – Classic Auto Wash has ten vacuums to help you get your car as clean on the inside as we get it on the outside. Plus free mat washers are available in our vac area.

Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine – Our Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine service will give your car a shiny crystal-like finish that makes it look like you spent hours hand-waxing it!  Want a showroom quality shine on your vehicle, but don’t have the time to spend hours waxing its surface? Not a problem – thanks to the Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine service from Classic Auto Wash.

Our Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine service applies Simoniz’ world-famous carnauba wax to your entire vehicle, giving it that hand-rubbed finish without the effort required of hand-waxing! Regularly waxing your car will help it stay cleaner longer, protect it from minor scratches and provides UV protection. Simoniz Hot Wax & Shine offers all of these benefits plus the classic long-lasting Simoniz crystal-like shine. It will also help your vehicle stay cleaner longer and protect it from minor scratches and UV damage.

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Penny Power - Fundraising

Classic Auto Wash is proud to participate in the Penny Power program to help the Children’s Leukemia Fund.  All of our wash prices end in “99”. When you let us keep the penny, we donate and match it with a penny of our own to this worthy cause.