Gift Cards and Wash Books

Give The Gift That Keeps On “Taking”

(As In “Taking” Dirt, Grime and Salt Off Your Friends and Family’s Cars)

Classic Cash Cards and Wash Books are the perfect gifts for anyone, anytime of the year!

• One size fits all vehicles, everyone loves a clean, shiny car.
• No expiration date, no service fees.
• Not vehicle specific.


• Classic will add 20% more money to the card starting at $20 per card.
• No specific wash requirements. May change wash type every visit. 


Buy 5 washes get 1 FREE!

Express Wash – $35
Wheel Works – $50
Teflon – $60
Rain-X – $75

Pick up Classic Auto Wash Cash Cards and Wash Books, at the wash or order them HERE online now. 

Another Great Prepaid option

Family Fast Pass

Used with a credit card. When the account reaches “0” washes, the FastPass program automatically charges your credit card for 5 more washes and you will receive one additional wash for FREE! Visit the wash for more details.

• Can cancel at any time.
• No monthly service fee.
• No expiration
• Never run out of washes